Information Assurance | Business Development | Export Licensing | Encryption | Intellectual Property Consulting | Acoustic Masking | Risk Assessment and Mitigation | Research and Innovation | Critical Infrastructure Protection | Cybersecurity | Education & Training | Physical Security

Geographic Locations of Assignments Include
U.S., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Western and Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and China

ISI Clients Include

  • Arnold & Porter
  • AT&T
  • BDM
  • Bell Northern Research
  • Bell South
  • Booz · Allen & Hamilton
  • Camber Corportion
  • Cellular Telephone Industry Asso
  • CSC
  • Energy Transportation Group
  • Ericsson
  • GE Aerospace
  • GE Research
  • General American Insurance
  • GTE
  • IBM
  • ICS
  • LE Technologies
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Motorola
  • Northern Telecom
  • Pacific Bell
  • Price Waterhouse
  • Swidler & Berlin
  • The World Bank

Information Assurance

  • Led team developing a national information security strategy for friendly Middle East country
  • Performed numerous security audits and threat and vulnerability assessments on IT and computer systems for defense, financial, R & D, and international consulting firms
  • Advised high technology firms on countermeasures to protect against industrial espionage sponsored by foreign governments and business competitors
  • Developed complete package of organization security policies, standards and procedures for international client. These procedures were able to be tailored to a range of organization environments including their sub contractors handling client data.
  • Advised an international manufacturer on how to establish and maintain an absolutely secure environment during multi-billion dollar litigation

Business Development

  • Developed the concept and marketing plan for a new service of computer hot sites and secure electronic data vaulting by a multinational telephone company
  • Performed market assessments of specialized Army and Navy information systems and telecommunication services for a major telecommunications company
  • Managed and contributed to a wide range of Defense Department proposal projects for clients and served as member of many proposal Pink and Red teams
  • Developed a lowest life cycle cost approach and analysis for a cryptographic key management product in a 16 company competition. Client became one of two final vendors in a pilot program shoot out and ultimately was the single winner in a DOD security item procurement extending over 15 years   




Export Licensing

  • Performed as the primary U.S. export regulations consultant for a major international telecommunications company specializing in the areas of complex encryption and deminimis issues. Developed procedures and training material for ensuring compliance of worldwide divisions with US export regulations
  • Negotiated with key U.S. government officials to achieve major policy changes in export categories for various encryption items
  • Obtained U.S. export licenses for clients in areas of encryption, intelligence and telecommunications
  • Member Industry Group Advising Department of Commerce on Technology Export Issues
  • Led team that rapidly developed DSS approved FOCI Facilities Location and Electronic Communication Plans


  • Awarded ten patents in the field of encryption and cryptographic key management
  • Designed and patented a high grade extremely large family of advanced encryption algorithms with backward compatibility modes to fielded algorithms
  • Evaluated the cryptosecurity of the cryptographic algorithm in a European Satellite pay TV system
  • Developed, documented and provided training for a complete secure e-commerce and public key national infrastructure for a European country and 110 of its government and private banks and financial houses

Intellectual Property Consulting and Legal Support

  • Extremely detailed prior art search and patent claims analysis for patent licensing and infringement issues for a major international company
  • Researched and documented techniques to increase the ultimate value of a patent by writing better patent applications
  • Served as expert witness for the defense in a two-year federal court case which involved reverse engineering and analyzing security vulnerabilities of a cable TV encryption system
  • Trained key members of an internal audit group and an MIS department to recognize and deal with fraud
  • Served plaintiff and defense counsel as an independent Special Master on issues related to proprietary information, copyright, and trademark infringement
  • Advised attorneys regarding settlement of very high value insurance claims
  • Served as an expert witness in a patent infringement case involving a secure communications system
  • Reverse engineered the system operation and encryption chip for attorneys to assess the strength of a potential patent infringement case
  • Performed forensic analysis of an organization’s accounting records for possible fraud in support of a legal case

Acoustic Masking

  • Researched, Patented and Commercialized NOISEBATH ® Acoustic Masking System
  • Designed and Manufactured Portable and Fixed Systems in various languages for Senior Government Officials in US, Carribean, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

  • Advised an international high-technology firm concerning their $300 million dollar investment in a foreign country which resulted in their decision to decline the investment
  • Assessed and resolved risk-related issues for genetic research and telecommunications entities involving the protection of intellectual capital, trade secrets, proprietary information, and technology
  • Advised domestic and foreign insurance companies and domestic technology research firms on risk-related issues involving mergers and acquisitions, hostile divestitures, business cessation, and high level executive terminations
  • Advised and supplied services to financial houses to ensure secure environments during extremely sensitive business negotiations involving hostile divestitures and cessation of some of their business operations

Research and Innovation

  • Contributed to numerous R & D efforts resulting in vver 165 US and foreign patents
  • 10 patents in encryption including SUPERDES a gigantic family of Algorithms backward compatible with Triple DES
  • Patented a biometric control system enabling continuous verification of person at a terminal
  • Patented a thumbprint reader in a mouse linking a ersonto their digital signature
  • Wrote a book on Innovation The Eureka Method
  • Patented a Cellular anti-fraud system
  • Researched, designed and prototyped a handheld touch-screen secure wireless computer system for a major Las Vegas casino estimated to produce bottom line savings of more than $1 million per month from the re-engineered business process

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resiliency

  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure Resiliency


  • Cybersecurity Infrastructure Evaluation and Scoring
  • Organization Maturity Evaluation
  • Customized Cybersecurity Training
  • Design and Development of Cybersecurity Programs
  • Cybersecurity Governance Evaluation and Advice
  • Design and Implementation of Cybersecurity Training and Modeling Facilities

Training and Education

  • Actively teaching original self developed courses in cryptography, signal detection, estimation theory and wireless communications for 8 years as an adjunct faculty member at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Taught for 10 years as an adjunct professor at New Jersey City University in fields of security management, risk, and asset protection. Class members included members of the FBI, US Secret Service, US military personnel, United Nations security, and New Jersey and New York state and local law enforcement personnel as well as executives and management from public and private entities
  • Conducted lectures and seminars on IP strategies and IP value enhancement
  • Executive producer of a communication security awareness film selected by the USAF for official AF wide training and by many other departments and companies for security training
  • Conducted courses and presentations on Information Assurance in US, Mexico, Europe & Middle East
  • Prepared training material for company trainers to deliver three separate security awareness presentations to the worldwide executive management, line supervisors and non- supervisory employees

Physical Security and Protection – Facilities and People

  • Advised an international bank on the secure storage, handling and transportation of $20 billion dollars in US currency in Eastern and Western Europe
  • Established secure operations in hostile environments for the care, custody and control of $65 billion dollars in currency, bearer bonds, and electronic security instruments
  • Evaluated and established measures for the physical protection of domestic and international facilities including landmark structures, high-rise office buildings, large corporate and private executive estates and residences, private gated communities and compounds, “upscale” shopping centers, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, research & development facilities, and foreign embassies and their ambassadorial residences
  • Guided and managed the development of alarm and surveillance system requirements. Developed all specifications and drawings for a detailed bid package including camera and sensor locations, selected potential vendors, evaluated bidder’s responses and recommended a vendor for selection. Monitored system installation and inspected final job for meeting contract specifications
  • Developed complete package of security policies and procedures for a non profit organization
  • Advised multi-national corporations on personnel safety and security issues involving corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, terminations of senior executives, defending against hostile takeovers involving possible violence, espionage and counter-intelligence, large scale employee terminations and plant closings, stalkers, kidnappings, threats of violence, and protection and transportation of threatened executives
  • Developed a comprehensive protection program for the CEO and family of a major corporation because of the murder of his predecessor
  • Resolved complex issues involving the kidnapping of an international business executive and subsequent payment of $21 million dollars for his safe return
  • Evaluated and established measures for the protection of families of executives including the design and supervision of safe rooms