John E. Hershey

John E. Hershey was granted a PhD in electrical engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1981. His primary area of professional work is in electrical communications. He is an adjunct at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, and at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. With Professor Rao Yarlagadda, he started, and served as co-editor of, Digital Signal Processing,a professional review journal published by Academic Press. He has authored/co-authored 7 books, 2 encyclopedia entries, and numerous papers on signal processing, communications theory, and cryptography. He helped develop an office of the BDM Corporation in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to that, he spent 15 years in various agencies and departments of the federal government. He recently retired from General Electric’s Research Center.


  • Elected Fellow of the IEEE, 2001, “for contributions to secure communications”
  • Awarded the IEE Electronics Letters Premium Award as coauthor of paper “Wideband signal Doppler and epoch estimation”
  • Awarded the 1998 Lohmann Medal from Oklahoma State University for “outstanding technical or managerial contributions to his or her profession and/or contributions to the education of engineers, architects or technologists that merit the highest recognition”
  •  Inducted into the Whitney Gallery of Technical Achievers, 1992, General Electric Corporate Research and Development Center , for work on a Secure Meter Reading System
  • Awarded and served a 2 week fellowship at the LACIR Institute at University of Victoria , British Columbia , 1987
  • Received the Outstanding Publication Award, 1981, Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, Boulder, Co., “The Discrete Logarithm Public Key Cryptographic System”

Books, Chapters, and Encyclopedia Entries

The Eureka Method, McGraw-Hill, 2010, John E Hershey

Cryptography Demystified , McGraw-Hill, 2003, John Hershey

Doppler Applications in LEO Satellite Communication Systems , Kluwer Press, 2002, Irfan Ali, Pierino G. Bonanni, Naofal Al-Dhahiir, and John E. Hershey

Perspectives in Spread Spectrum , Reference Book, Kluwer Press, 1998, Amer A. Hassan, John E. Hershey, and Gary J. Saulnier

Hadamard Matrix Analysis and Synthesis: With Applications to Communications and Signal/Image Processing , Reference Book, Kluwer Press, 1997, R. K. Rao Yarlagadda and John E. Hershey

The Elements of System Design – Textbook, Academic Press, 1994, Amer Hassan, John Hershey, Jim Schroeder, Guy Sohie, and Rao Yarlagadda

“Data Encryption Standard” — A Chapter in Encyclopedia of Telecommunications, Vol. 5, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1992, pp. 227–251, John E. Hershey and William J. Pomper

“Signal Processing, General” – A Chapter in the Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, Academic Press, 1987, R. Yarlagadda and John E. Hershey

Data Transportation and Protection – Textbook, Plenum Press, 1986, John E. Hershey and R. K. Rao Yarlagadda

Proposed Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Voice Techniques for the Amateur Radio Service , Book, Aegean Park Press, 1985

“An Introduction to the Local Area Network Concept” – a Chapter in Telecommunications: An Interdisciplinary Text, Artech House, 1984, with W. Pomper


155 US Patents – categorization as shown below:







Academic Activities

  • Adjuncted to faculty University of Colorado , Boulder 1983-1988 Developed and taught courses in telecommunications: Digital Telephony and Military Communications. Taught senior EE elective in Communications Theory, used text by Haykin
  • Adjuncted to faculty RPI, 1989-1990, 2000 – present Developed and taught courses in cryptography and Signal Detection and Estimation Theory
  • Adjuncted to Faculty, Union College & Union Graduate School
  • Served a 5-year cycle as Accreditation Board Engineering and Technology (ABET) Program Evaluator for EE programs (pre-2000 criteria)
  • Started, with Prof. Rao Yarlagadda, the Academic Press Journal “Digital Signal Processing. Co-Editor-in-Chief 1991-1993. Member of the Editorial Board 1994 to present.
  • Chairman Board of Visitors, Oklahoma State University , School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2001