The World Standard for Acoustic Masking NOISEBATH ®
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The NOISEBATH Principles
The security of the patented NOISEBATH system is based upon the following principles:

  1. Mixing of target ‘s voice with special masking sounds including actual and artifical voices
  2. Making computer filtering of masking difficult by incorporating real voices in masking sound
  3. Hindering listening by human transcribers with psychoacoustic elements which create fatigue
  4. Reducing value of any recovered voice due to uncertainty over words from target or masking
  5. Reducing the credibility of any derived information with deliberately deceptive masking speech.

Playing NOISEBATH masking source material through the speakers of a properly configured system creates a “bath” of noise around the target which mixes with the actual voices or equipment sounds to hinder the exploitation of the target’s acoustics.

NOISEBATH has been shown to be compatible with Secure Telephones. The masking sounds have negligible impact on the remote secure phone user and the local masking level can be adjusted by remote control.

There is up to a 25db reduction in sound level within the protection zone from the sound level outside the protection zone.

NOISEBATH can be used with transducers on exterior windows and surfaces to protect against eavesdropping systems outside the room.  To show how NOISEBATH can protect against microphones and pickups inside the room or in the walls, ceilings or floors, click below

Acoustic Masking Material
The acoustic masking source material is produced according to a specialized NOISEBATH formula and can be recorded on compact discs or generated in real time. Masking source material is a combination of varying pink noise, synthetic speech, actual speech and psychoacoustic elements configured to minimize disruption to the persons being protected and maximize disruption to electronic audio surveillance systems and human listeners. Masking can also consist of specialized equipment sounds to mask intelligence bearing acoustics such as from computer keyboards.

Masking source material is available in different languages, regional accents, dialects or even for a particular person or persons. Mixtures of voice types are also available.

Click on the flag to play a sample of NOISEBATH masking in that language

How to Buy NOISEBATH Systems
We sell NOISEBATH throughout the world via a network of Resellers & Marketing Reps Please contact us for the best means to meet your purchasing requirements

NOISEBATH is a registered trademark of Information Security Incorporated and was covered by US and foreign patents