NOISEBATH Testimonials

“The NOISEBATH system provides a high degree of protection against eavesdropping and allows the user to discuss sensitive information in normal face-to-face conversation or when using the telephone. In addition, the system is easy to set up, and does not distract or interfere with your speech. I wish I could have had access to a system like this in the past to protect sensitive conversations of senior government and business leaders.”

Colonel Larry J. Shumann
US Army(ret)
Former Commander, White House Communications Agency

“The operational use of NOISEBATH was a glowing success.”

North American drug enforcement official after seizing $70 million in drugs and arresting
two drug kingpins who had escaped all previous arrest attempts due to advance warnings.

“We were very surprised and pleased at the fine performance of the NOISEBATH system.”

Office of the President of a European country

“This is the first acoustic masking system that we have found that registered 0 on our intelligibility test system.”

US Government technician upon testing an operational NOISEBATH installation.