The Company

Information Security Incorporated is a consulting firm founded by Noel Matchett in 1985.  ISI and their affiliated companies provide specialized consulting and training to US and international clients in:

  • Information Assurance and Security
  • US Export Licensing and Advice
  • Bid and Proposal Support
  • Specialized Encryption Algorithms and Applications – SUPERDES
  • Intellectual Property Evaluation – Legal Support – Expert Witnesses
  • Acoustic Masking
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Research and Innovation Support
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resiliency
  • Cyber security
  • Training – Education
  • Protection of facilities and people

ISI is dedicated to provide cost-effective and practical solutions to resolve our world wide clients’ security and protection problems.

  • We create solutions tailored to our client’s technical, personnel, and budgetary requirements
  • We form custom teams of highly experienced experts with the knowledge and understanding of today’s environment in order to develop practical and fundamental solutions to our clients’ difficult and complex security problems.