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Cover of John Hershey's book Cryptography Demystified used in graduate school and industry courses
  • Team has Over 100 Years Experience
    • Managing Major Security Programs
    • Consulting Engagements
    • Developing New Security & Cryptographic Technology
  • Authors of Numerous Books and Papers
  • Team members have 10 Patents in Cryptography
  • Taught Graduate Courses in Cryptography using Own Book
  • Expert Witnesses in Cryptography

Previously Employed at:


SUPERDES graphic of easily created fully secure private crypto subnets plus interoperable mode
Example of various First Gulf war coalition subgroups and how SUPERDES could create private subnets

Graphics above show the benefits of a SUPERDES based Cryptographic Architecture with numerous coalition partners for multiple security and privacy levels but with interoperability at some basic level

  • Patented SUPERDES™ Family of Symmetric Algorithms
    • Unlimited Variations and Upgrades – Any Key Length
    • Backward Compatible Modes with TDES / TDEA and DES / DEA
    • Multiple Highly Secure Privacy Modes for Nets and Subnets but with a secure mode of Interoperability
    • Implemented in Tactical Radios
    • Non-exclusive license to Major High Tech Company MORE

  • Extensive Research and Development in Cryptography
  • Developed Innovative uses of Cryptography in SCADA, ICS and IOT Systems