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Security Strategies

World map overlaid with zeros and ones with Text Security Strategies

US and International

  • 50 Years Experience – Negotiated Govt Policies on Cryptography, Security & Export
  • Led NSA’s National Effort to Protect Sensitive Unclassified Information – Bulk Microwave and Satellite and End to End
  • Produced National Policies and Standards for Security of Poland’s Banking System
  • Directed Production of a National Information Security Strategy for Saudi Arabia
Flag of Saudi Arabia for whom we developed a National Information Security Strategy
  • Participated in Creation and Implementation of Foundational US Security Policies
    • Presidential Directive 24
    • Federal Standard 1026
    • Federal Standard 1027 (later Renamed FIPS 140)
    • National Communications Security Committee NCSC-10
    • (National Policy for Protection of U.S. National Security-Related Information Transmitted over Satellite Circuits)
    • National Communications Security Committee NCSC-11
      (National Policy for Protection of Telecommunications Systems Handling Unclassified Security-Related Information)