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Patent & Legal Support

Principals are Available for Consulting and Expert Witness Engagements

US and Foreign Patents Include

  • Biometrics
  • Acoustic Masking
  • Cellular Anti-Fraud
  • Cryptography
  • Key Management

Drafted or Filed Available Provisionals Include

  • Physically Unclonable Function (PUF)  & Unforgeable Integrated Circuits
  • Improving Security of SCADA / Industrial Control Systems
  • Remote Interviewing
  • Identity Capture and Verification of Persons

The Eureka Method

  • By John Hershey, PhD
  • a Book on Invention and Patenting
colored circular pie chart showing the distribution of Hershey's 225 patents in 14 different fields

Principals have:

Courtroom representing numerous expert witness engagements
  • Served as Expert Witnesses for Major Law Firms in Multiple Cases in Cryptography and Communications
  • Performed Engagements in Patent Application Broadening, Prior Art Searches and IP Assessment
  • Taught Seminars in Invention and Patenting 
  • Reverse Engineered Cryptographic Systems