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Insider Threat


A Comprehensive Insider Threat Program Evaluation Tool Focused On Addressing the Risk of Insiders Affecting the Value of Assets by Developing Prioritizing Recommendations

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Macro Level Overview of ITP Evaluation Tool

Macro flow chart of Insider Treat Program Evaluation Tool with inputs and outputs


  • Quantifies the value of an Effective Insider Threat Program.
  • Provides Justification for Creating or Improving One.
  • Provides a Means to Evaluate an Existing Program Against Standards, Best Practices & Guidance.
  • Improves the Organization’s Overall Security Culture
  • Increases Reporting of Behavior of Concern or Persons at Risk by Colleagues Because of the Benefits from Referrals to the EAP or Management for Help.
  • Improves Effectiveness of an Organization’s Existing Insider Threat Program by Guiding the Collection, Integration and Analysis of Vital Personnel and Behavioral Information.
  • Improves Prevention, Deterrence and Mitigation of Non-Malicious Potentially Harmful Insider Behavior & Events by Earlier Intervention Due to Better Data and Analysis
  • Enables Earlier Detection of Malicious Potential or Actual Beaches, Fraud, Theft, Sabotage or Espionage with Improved Behavior Monitoring and Assessment and Access Control.
  • Provides Targeted Training, Awareness & Education to Organization & Vendor Staff.
  • Reduce the Risk & Liability of Preventable Loss of Asset Value by Insider Action.
  • Increases the ROI on Security Investment.


      Better Prevention, Deterrence, Detection, Mitigation, Response & Recovery Due to:

  •  Better Policies;
  •  Better Staff Understanding of What Is Most Valuable & Important to Protect;
  •  Better Agreement on Regulations that Must Be Enforced & Those with Flexibility;
  •  Clear Agreement on What Behavior Can Not Be Allowed & Must Be Addressed;
  •  More Effective Incident Mitigation Response Plans, Especially Regarding Personnel;
  •  Improved & Coordinated Training in Security Awareness & Cyber Security Skills;
  •  Improved Monitoring & Intervention of Non-Malicious Insiders Under Stress or at Risk including Better Understanding of Pandemic’s Impact on Staff;                 
  •  Improved Work Force Morale and Retention Through an Employee Assistance Plan;
  •  Earlier Identification of Toxic or Hostile Employees to Improve the Working Environment By Appropriate Management Intervention, Counseling or Termination.


  • Reduced Cost of Cyber Insurance.
  • Reduced Cost of Loss Insurance.
  • Reduced Expenses Due to Improved & Better Integrated Insider Threat Auditing Technology (e.g. Removal, Replacement, Reconfiguration & or Redeployment).
  • Reduced Audit Committee Expenses Due to Improved Insider Threat Monitoring.
  • Reduced Expenses Due to More Effective Holistic Breach Mitigation Processes with Heavy Emphasis on HR Assets.
  • Reduced Expenses Due to Fewer Breaches from Insider Mistakes Due to Better Training, Awareness, Education & More User Friendly Processes Reducing Security Work-Arounds.
  • Reduction in Loss from Insider Sabotage
  • Improved Win Rate on US Government Defense & IC Contracts from  a Compliant Insider Threat Program

Sentinel ITP LLC is our company working to commercialize this ITP evaluation tool