ISI Provides Training via Workshops, Seminars and Courses – On or Off Site – Female Instructors Available for Some Courses

Information Assurance and Security

  • Overview and Survey Course
  • Policies, Standards and Procedures
  • The Human and Insider Element of Information Security

Cryptography and Encryption

  • Essentials of Cryptography
  • Detailed Course -Algorithms and Protocols
  • Cryptographic Keying Systems

Intellectual Property & Patents

  • Invention and Patenting
  • Conducting Detailed Prior Art Surveys

Research and Innovation

  • Approaches to Innovation & Creative Thinking

Export Compliance

  • Deminimis Calculations and Reports for BIS and OFAC

Risk Assessment & Management

  • Introduction to Information Security Risk
  • Implementation of an Information Security Risk Process
  • Techniques of Risk Assessments and Analyses
  • Information Security Risk and Management Approaches
  • Information Security Risk and Insurance

Ethical Hacking and Computer Forensics


  • Naional and International Cooperation for Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Policies
  • Cybersecurity Competition Exercise
  • Technical_Malware and CyberCrime Ops and Analysis
  • Technical Network Reconnaissance
  • WireFire – Wireless Network Analysis and Reconnaissance

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Resiliency for Financial Operations
  • Factors in Designing Secure, Reliable and Resilient Information Infrastructures

Asset Protection and Business Risk

  • How to Perform a Due Diligence Investigation
  • Performing Review and Inspections for Fraud, Theft, Safety & Security
  • Steps in the Protection of Real & Intangible Assets
  • Special Measures when Downsizing or Merging
  • Insurance Claim Analysis

Physical Security & Protection of Facilities

  • Physical Protection of Offices, Estates, Embassies, Residences
  • Protection of Plants Warehouses Factories Buildings
  • Protection Policies Standards & Procedures
  • Surveillance and Alarm System Requirements
  • Elements in Transportation Security
  • Insurance Strategies

Protecting People

  • Executive Protection
  • Protection of Families
  • Kidnapping Protection
  • Safe Room Design & Construction